Includes the following:

  • Weekly individualized training plan via Training Peaks tailored to the athlete's schedule, ability level, goals and strengths/weaknesses.

  • Season specific annual training plan based on the individual athletes life/race schedule.

  • Unlimited communication by email, text and phone.

  • Training plan adjusted as needed during the week.

  • Continuous feedback of logged workouts in Training Peaks.

  • Weekly analysis of heart rate, power and run pacing files via Training Peaks and WKO4.

  • Access to all weekly coached workouts.  Click on schedule tab for more informational. The optional Sacred Heart swim has a separate cost paid to Sacred Heart.

*Note all Individual Coaching Plan athletes must have a premium Training Peaks account paid by the athlete.

Email or call for 917-520-8397 for pricing.  

Mike Galvan Coaching LLC

New York, NY

Tel: 917-520-8397